Renson Louvre Roof System

The ultimate combination of quality and design – The pleasure of comfortable outdoor living

When developing your terrace covering Lagune, Lapure, Camargue and Algarve RENSON paid a lot of attention to quality of the whole system, the easy and flexible assembly and also to the overall solidity.

The fixings are concealed and the electrical cables are hidden inside the structure. Even the ground support can be concealed.

You select a terrace covering to suit your own wishes.

The structure can easily be combined with the most diverse range of styles — from traditional to modern or contemporary. This allows it to become an elegant and timeless extension of your home.

Lagune and Lapure with a sloped roof is always built onto a façade.

Camargue and Algarve both have a bladed roof at an angle of 0°.

They can be mounted in a variety of ways: free-standing with 4 columns, façade mounted with 2 columns or integrated into an existing opening without vertical columns.

It is possible to link different roof parts in the Camargue. RENSON is also thinking of sustainability. The materials used are weather-resistant and capable of withstanding both extreme heat and extreme cold. Aluminium, screen fabrics, glass or wooden blades — all of them are strong and maintenance-friendly materials.

Renson Camargue Louvre Roof