Panovista – the ultimate shade solution for the corner

Blindmaster are proud to introduce the new innovative sun shading solution for seamless corner windows.

RENSON® is a trendsetter in sun protection and closely follows new architectural trends.

“Invisible architecture” is one such trend and nicely complements the desire for minimalism. RENSON® is taking perfect advantage of this development with Panovista.

This new development is ideally suited to applications with glass-on-glass corner windows, for which conventional screens fail to provide a satisfying solution.

The Panovista system is a sunscreen for corner windows, keeping any unpleasant aluminium profiles or cables from being permanently visible in the corner. Both sides of the system are simultaneously rolled off or up and provide the desired shade for a living or working space, without losing the view of the panorama outside the building.

This solution is almost invisibly integrated into the building’s architecture. The box and side channels can be aesthetically hidden away and even the bottom bar disappears into the box once the screen is fully rolled up.


  • Both sides of this corner sun protection move simultaneously.
  • The box and side channels can be invisibly hidden away:
    • The box can be integrated into the cavity wall, in which the fabric roll and motor can be easily assembled/disassembled from beneath.
    • The side channels can be hidden.
    • The bottom bar disappears into the box.
    • No vertical side beams are visible in the corner, maintaining the panoramic outside view.
  • It can also be perfectly installed during a renovation; the box can be surface-mounted in this case (Panovista).
  • Electronically controlled: The two screens are powered by a single motor. A wind sensor is required.
  • Profiles can have an anodised finish or are available in any RAL colour.
  • Fabric choice: fibreglass fabric. Available in various colours.



  • Fixed glass-on-glass corner, e.g. glued corner joint
  • Open glass-on-glass corner, e.g. sliding windows


Technical specifications (mm)


Box (H x D) – 150 x 110

Maximum width per segment – 4000mm

Maximum height – 2800mm

Wind Rated upto 37km / h

Total coverage – 22m2


Panovista® Max*

Box (H x D) 150 x 155

Maximum width per segment – 6000mm

Maximum height – 3400mm

Wind Rated upto 90km / h

Total coverage – 40m2

Electronically controlled by remote control, home automation, building façade systems

Both screens are powered by a single motor.



10 year guarantee on the paintwork of the aluminium profiles

5 year guarantee on any defects that may present themselves under normal use conditions and regular maintenance