Instagram Live conversation with Trent Jansen, Johnny Nargoodah and Stephen Todd

Join Trent Jansen, Johnny Nargoodah and Stephen Todd tonight (02/07) at 6pm on Instagram Live for a discussion about their work, inspired by the exhibition ‘Partu’ (Skin) concluding 5 July, shown at Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert. Tune in to watch via Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert’s Instagram.

An exhibition of functional art by collaborative designers Johnny Nargoodah and Trent Jansen. Johnny Nargoodah is a Nyikina man who has spent much of his life working with leather as a saddler on remote cattle stations; Trent Jansen is an avant-garde object designer from Thirroul in New South Wales who regularly experiments with leather and animal pelts in his collectable design work. ‘Partu’ is the Walmajarri word for ‘skin’, and is also their latest collaborative project experimenting with unorthodox outcomes resulting from the confluence of their oddly mismatched sensibilities and skills in working animal skins.

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