Fiona Lynch Office’s Future Archive curates sustainable solutions

Future Archive is an open, environmentally-responsible resource of sustainable materials, products, processes and ideas compiled/co–created collaboratively with the design community and made accessible by Australian interior designer, Fiona Lynch Office at We asked Fiona a few questions about the project and creating a better world through collaboration.

What inspired you to create the Future Archive?

I have been thinking about and developing the framework for Future Archive over the past two years with my team. It’s a response to the lack of a central resource and curation in sustainable solutions.

COVID19 gave me an opportunity to rethink our approach and what materials we specify. Creating an open resource collaboratively, shared with the design community, is a way of keeping focused on looking for new materials and processes that contribute to creating a better world.

Can you outline the process of selecting resources to include in the archive? What are the criteria?

Mainly new products created from byproducts or waste materials. We are also exploring low-VOC products. There are hundreds of exciting new products out there. We plan to sift through them to create a curated resource that is easy to use and accessible for everyone. The open platform will ensure that the industry benefits from our research and that the products are more widely adopted. Collaboration is key to a sustainable, zero-waste future.

How has the archive been received so far?

We have had many designers reach out to us to tell us about products they have found. For us, it’s about creating a like-minded community where we can all learn from one another.

What is your long-term vision for the Future Archive?

A globally connected network of libraries of sustainable materials, processes and ideas where designers can discover new materials and learn about sustainable practices.

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