Stilt Studios launches tiny house from recycled Tetra Pak packages

Prefab housing builder, Stilt Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a building made from materials including recycled Tetra Pak packages. Tiny Tetra House is already under construction in Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia.

Alexis Dornier, co-founder and chief designer at Stilt Studios explains of the project: “… We believe we have the responsibility to not only create great designs and liveable spaces at affordable prices, but also to see the impact on the environment of the buildings throughout their lifecycle. We can not only reduce total material used and the footprint, but also be a part of the circular economy by the choice of material used.”

Regular Tetra Pak packages usually consist of 75 per cent paper, 20 per cent plastic, and five per cent aluminium. To lessen wastage, Tetra Pak developed poly roof panels that are made of 25 per cent plastic and aluminium. By shredding and pressing it under heat into flat as well as corrugated sheets, a new building material for roofs and walls is made.

Topped with aluminium for waterproofing, the 64-square-metre building includes a bedroom, ensuite, kitchen, living area and outdoor terraces. The structure is elevated 40 centimetres off the ground, thus requiring only nine point foundations.

The Kickstarter campaign concludes on 26 August and rewards for pledges include stays in the completed Tiny Tetra House.

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