Sustainable rural development seeks to utilise low impact design techniques to create minimal yet highly crafted spaces. Using a small palette of locally sourced materials which settle naturally into the surrounding landscape, there is a deep focus on connection with the environment and engendering a sense of companionship but also privacy. Of the principles that constitute sustainable regional development, using an efficient footprint to design and build a space that commemorates and gives back to the landscape for the long-term sits at the focal point.

Little Guy

Issue 81

Small is a company that specialises in transportable homes.


Issue 81

Little Black Cabin in the Blue Mountains brings SMITH Architects' broad experience and knowledge of architecture into one small and succinct building.

In Good Time

Issue 75

A Tasmanian couple has designed and built a relocatable, off-grid home to tide them over while waiting to buy the right piece of land.


Issue 75

Arnhem Land’s Maningrida Wild Foods is a social enterprise initiative that works with Traditional Owners to share the bounty of their land and sea.