Wicker Wonderlust exhibition announced

Design Tasmania is pleased to present an interactive exhibition exploring the unique relationship between Tasmanians and wickery. From Indigenous heritage to colonial industry, historical significance to contemporary usage, Wicker Wonderlust aims to explore how baskets and woven wares perform in history and practicality.

Design Tasmania will be hosting a series of events and talks aimed at generating community involvement. Weaving workshops, conversations with artisans as well as a portrait series of You and your Basket we aim to discover more about wickery through the evolution and hive-mind of this exhibition. The exhibition will culminate in a presentation of discoveries and portfolios developed over time with community members’ baskets to be included in this evolving showcase of Wicker Wonderlust.

Come in and bring your basket for display in our exhibition space, the more storied your piece, the better; all shapes, sizes makes and models welcome. 5:30-7:30pm Tuesdays 6th & 20th of March, 3rd and 17th of April and 1st of May.



● WORKSHOP– Weaving workshop with Tasmanian Indigenous elders, date TBA

● FLOOR TALK– History of Australian Basketry with John McPhee (former Decorative Arts Curator at The National Gallery of Victoria) date TBA

● INTERACTIVE– Basket drop offs 5:30-7:30pm Tuesdays 6th & 20th of March, 3rd and 17th of April and 1st of May

● CLOSING PARTY– End of exhibition reveal of community participation c. MAY 25th


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