Groundswell announces fundraising drive for World Environment Day

Groundswell today announce their World Environment Day initiative, a fundraising drive aiming to raise $1 million to fund climate action in Australia.

Anna Rose, Groundswell Co-Founder said: “Australia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that when we listen to experts and scientific evidence, we can take action early to prevent the worst from happening. As challenging as this year has been, the climate crisis remains our greatest existential threat. It’s up to all of us to actively be part of the solution.”

Climate change is accelerating. Scientists tell us that we have less than a decade to limit global warming below catastrophic temperature rises.

Professor Tim Flannery said: “Groundswell has to succeed, as we’re getting close to the last chance we’ll ever have to stabilise the climate of our planet.”

The solutions to the climate crisis in Australia already exist, what we are lacking is the political will and laws to implement them. This is no accident: for decades now, the fossil fuel lobby has spent millions of dollars blocking climate action in Australia. In contrast, environmental and climate philanthropy receives less than 0.5% of all charitable giving each year.

Created in 2020, Groundswell was set up to be a solution, to get active, not anxious about our future on this earth. Their goal is to fund and accelerate climate action in Australia.

The Groundswell member program pools money to fund climate advocacy through a grant model aimed at shifting power and supporting solutions. Their focus is strategic: tackling systems driving the climate crisis, such as burning coal and gas, not symptoms. By funding collectively, they can have a much greater impact than going solo.

Four times a year, Groundswell open a new grant round to fund climate action with the aim to create a healthy, just and sustainable world. Climate advocacy organisations are encouraged to apply for the Groundswell available grants through their website.

Since launching, Groundswell has raised over $450 000 in funds for climate action so far, and funded nine diverse and impactful climate advocacy organisations nationwide including Emergency Leaders for Climate Action, Seed Mob, Climate & Health Alliance, Lock the Gate, Clean State, Farmers for climate action, Doctors for the Environment Australia, Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council and Indigenous Peoples Organisation.

“Programs like Groundswell enable people with ideas and ability to get the message out there that inspires other people to speak up as well.” Greg Mullins, Emergency Leaders for Climate Action.

“With Groundswell support, we can now proudly confirm we will have community organising capacity across the entire Eastern side of Australia.” Farmers for Climate Action.

What started as a small giving circle set up by three young friends, has become a 300+ strong community, with more members joining every day. Our community harnesses the power of collective giving to create change.

From scientists to farmers and First Nations leaders, to parents, grandparents and lifelong philanthropists, the diversity of Groundswell’s membership and supporters reflects the unifying nature of the challenge we face and the necessity of cross-cultural and cross-generational investment in climate action. Supporters include Yael Stone, Kylie Kwong, Phoebe Tonkin and scientist and author Tim Flannery.

Groundswell member, Kylie Kwong said: “I have never felt more hopeful about our future, as I do now, with the powerful and accessible work of Groundswell now firmly in place and activated within our community.”

The Groundswell co-founders have their sights set even higher for the 2021-11 financial year ahead, aiming to scale up their membership to 1000 and raise and distribute $1 million dollars for climate action in the lead up to the next federal election. This June with a focus on World Environment Day and beyond they are launching a major fundraising drive. Donations up to $20k will be doubled on June 5 thanks to matched funding from a generous donor, and they are looking for partners, supporters and new members to help them reach their ambitious target.

100 per cent of donations are tax deductible and 100% of donations go directly to climate action grants.


This is our moment.

We cannot turn back time. But we can grow trees, rewild our gardens, clean up rivers and oceans, and reshape our future. Let’s get active, not anxious.

We are aiming to raise $1 million for climate action.

This World Environment Day, can you help us?

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