Simple Sample launches

Simple Sample, a pioneering platform dedicated to sustainable material sourcing in Australia, is proud to announce its official launch.  Simple Sample is an online technology enabled platform that simplifies and accelerates the material selection process by providing access to an extensive selection of samples from leading Australian suppliers on one centralised platform.

Simple Sample is aiming to revolutionise the way professionals in Australia source and sample architectural and design materials. Exclusive to architects, interior designers, and design professionals in Australia, industry professionals can now experience the time-saving convenience and improved experience of ordering samples from suppliers.

Key Features of Simple Sample:

  1. Curated Suppliers: Simple Sample offers an extensive range of materials, including stone, tiles, fabrics, flooring, wall coverings, and more, from a range of leading suppliers in Australia.
  2. Sustainability Focus: Simple Sample aims to save up to 80% of the packaging used in delivering samples, as well as reducing the average number of deliveries by 75% – allowing suppliers to adopt a new sustainable environmental best practice.
  3. Streamlined Procurement: Professionals can request samples from multiple suppliers in a single order, saving time and reducing environmental waste.
  4. Next Day Dispatch: With a team dedicated to samples logistics, Simple Sample dispatches products by the next business day. Its advanced logistics network ensures that samples are delivered quickly, some within the next business day, significantly reducing delays.

Simple Sample is a game-changer for design and construction professionals, offering them unprecedented convenience, speed, and sustainability in material sourcing. It reflects the company’s commitment to supporting the supplier industry and providing innovative solutions for Australia’s thriving design community.

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