Tasmania Makes

Design Tasmania is excited to unveil Tasmania Makes – a compelling exhibition of extraordinary work by Tasmanian makers and designers.
Design Tasmania is the centre for design in Tasmania. Since 1976 our unique Tasmanian Wood Design Collection, regular exhibitions, and retail store have been a platform for design advocacy and activities that embrace diversity, encourage inclusivity and champion professionalism, bringing design to as many as possible.

From December 9, 2023 to March 3, 2024, the Tasmania Makes exhibition will showcase the creative energy that surges through the island state. A diverse array of talented individuals hailing from various backgrounds, career levels, and design disciplines, including furniture, ceramics, jewellery, metalwork, and the innovative use of recycled materials, have come together to participate in this unique initiative. It is an opportunity for designers and makers to come together and step outside of their everyday practice to try something new or find ways to improve their business and the sustainability of their practices.

“Tasmania Makes marks the beginning of an exciting initiative to uplift and promote Tasmania’s unique designer and maker culture,” said Michelle Boyde, Artistic Director of Design Tasmania. “With customised support, our goal is to empower designers to create the work they want to make, contributing to Tasmania’s distinct design vernacular and unique perspective for a global audience.”

Each creative piece speaks to living in Tasmania, the challenges and advantages of working on an island and how this is reflected through design. There are 12 artists from all over the state featured in Tasmania Makes, including an architect creating small-scale aging-in-place objects, a lighting designer researching sustainable surfboard materials, and a master ceramicist delving into composting toilet designs. Various modes of making are employed, from the practical to philosophical, traditional hand tools to advanced digital processes, all which exemplify a unique

Tasmanian approach to shaping the future through design. The exhibition will showcase new work by Tasmanian furniture design icons including Matt Prince, Simon Ancher and Scott van Tuil. Renowned furniture maker Scott Van Tuil creates objects beautiful in both form and function whilst meaningfully contributing to the spaces they inhabit. For this exhibition, Scott has created a modular lounge system working with sustainable Tasmanian timber.

Matt Prince whose practice ranges from designing bespoke pieces for private clients to developing furniture products for large-scale productions has created a resolved prototype of an existing design; a fully upholstered dining chair collaborating with local industry to improve efficiencies in his practice.

“We’re interested in what models our designers are using towards sustainable practice, who they’re working with in the local industry and how, and what tangible support would help them achieve their goals,” said Michelle. “Design Tasmania provides a platform that celebrates the talents of our designers and makers, while fostering a supportive environment for their growth,” said Michelle. “Tasmania Makes is more than recognising individual achievements; it’s about creating a thriving ecosystem of creativity and craftsmanship.”

Tasmania Makes is a collective celebration of the island’s maker culture. This exhibition stands as a vibrant testament to the resourceful spirit of Tasmania and its established reputation for excellence in design.

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Exhibition Dates: Saturday 9 Dec, 2023 – 3 March, 2024

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