Brick Matching Melbourne

EcoGroup’s brick matching and blend curation procedure

Brick matching refers to selecting bricks that are well-suited for a particular construction project. It is an important skill that helps create a cohesive and visually appealing structure.

Colour matching

The colour of bricks plays a significant role in the overall look and feel of a structure. Bricks that are in the same colour family, such as shades of red or brown, typically go well together. However, it is best to avoid pairing bricks that are vastly different in colour, such as orange and grey bricks, as this can make a structure look mismatched. The ideal approach is to choose bricks that complement each other while also creating an inviting contrast.

Size and texture matching

In addition to colour, the texture of bricks also contributes to the visual appeal and harmony of a structure. Bricks that have a similar texture, such as a rugged and weathered look or a smooth finish, tend to work well together. On the other hand, dramatically different textures like highly polished and rough bricks are often at odds with each other. Furthermore, the size and shape of bricks play an important role in brick matching. For the best results, choose bricks that have comparable dimensions, especially if they will be placed side by side.

Historic Matching

With EcoGroup’s brick matching abilities, we hold the power to back track any demolition project and find old or rare bricks that match the exact build you’re after.

Storing to restoring

When EcoGroup completes the demolition of an historic building, the procedure includes the delicate dismantling of the building to maintain the integrity of the materials. Once this has occurred, EcoGroup takes the bricks from the building back to our recycling centre for the products to be restored and maintained to rebuild the project with the same stylistic qualities.

EcoGroup’s expert-driver brick matching and pallet blending procedures provides an all encompassing customer-service experience. With our expert advice, we will ensure you don’t go into this procedure blind, and have all the guidance you need to complete your dream build.

Images courtesy of Cos Design, Erik Holt Photography & Beyond Landscapes.

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