Aileen Sage

As architects, we believe in the transformative potential of good design. Our projects are well researched, rigorous and sensitive to site and context. We aim for a timeless and durable architecture that is also playful and original in conception. We consider our approach as a form of storytelling – a way of framing a client’s brief and ambitions whilst at the same time responding to broader issues, be they social, environmental or material. For us, architecture is not just visual. We also care about how things sound, smell and feel – the overall qualities of a space and the impact this might have on your experience of it at different times of the day, week or year.

We can provide services from the early stages of planning and site selection advice through to concept design, detailed design, construction documentation, site and post occupancy services. We enjoy working closely with our clients and work hard to clearly convey our ideas throughout the design process using both physical and 3D digital models, photomontages, drawings and sketches to explain the design at each stage. These practices allow for everyone to provide input and feel confident about the final outcome.

Aileen Sage Architects was established as a collaborative design platform, often working directly with builders, fabricators, engineers, fellow designers, artists and craftspeople. We commonly provide full architectural services within the framework of a traditional procurement process. Additionally we are capable of providing a full ‘design and construct’ service. We also have experience providing design services in partnership with larger practices.