Rakumba celebrates 50th anniversary

This week, Rakumba celebrates its 50th anniversary of making beautiful decorative lighting, with the release of a video highlighting the heritage, craftsmanship and care dedicated to creating each light in their collection.

50 years ago, Lyndsay Betts had the vision, ambition and drive to beat the odds – Lyndsay was an exceptionally strong and intelligent woman who started a small business in Melbourne, Australia on April 1, 1968. Today, she’d be proud of the way that Rakumba has developed from the early days as pottery specialising in table lamps to what is now a contemporary design-led decorative lighting company, with a clear international vision and driven by a strong ethos of authenticity and “Making Beauty”.

Rakumba is an Australian based decorative lighting company with over 50 products in its range. Rakumba is a noted manufacturer of custom and bespoke lighting, lighting components and handmade lampshades.

An integral part of the design community, the company collaborates with international and Australian designers, providing its unparalleled expertise in manufacturing, lighting technology and distribution. Authentic design, artisan and advanced making and the mentorship of the current and emerging generation of designers are at the core of its competence.


Rakumba: 50 Years of Making Beauty | Petit Ballerina from Michael Murray on Vimeo.

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