SHELTER announces November content

SHELTER is the new home of inspiring design and architecture content. The global streaming service’s content encompasses everything from stories of design, to a deep dive into sustainability, history, and real-life aspirational stories. It offers audiences a range of fascinating ‘must-watch’ options from feature-length films to television series; short series; Shelter Originals and premium magazine video content from iconic brands Dwell and green magazine.

Sustainable architecture is on the agenda this November, with the release of Body Fabric Service – a short film that profiles Italian architect Giovanni Vacarinni’s Powerbarn, a waste-to-energy power plant in the city of Ravenna. Built on the site of a former sugar factory, the Powerbarn was designed “to create something similar to a natural bastion, almost a dune, along the edge of the area now converted into the pole for energy production,” according to Vacarinni.

Fuelled by wood-chips and other local materials, the biomass plant is a must-see; particularly with its striking use of the “razzle-dazzle camouflage” technique on its exterior that subtly shifts and changes its appearance to the observer.

From the Romagna we head to El Poblenou neighbourhood of Barcelona, for the short series Scale 1:5. Follow architects Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats on their journey to regenerate the former social club Pau i Justícia (Peace & Justice), a place rooted deep in local memory, but since fallen into disrepair after being abandoned for 30 years.

Combining the industrial past of the community and character of the old building with the needs of a contemporary dramatic space, watch as the building is rejuvenated into the Sala Beckett International Drama Centre.

Crossing the Atlantic, next in focus on SHELTER this month is The Barn Raisers. An examination of barns in the Midwest of the USA through the lens of architecture, the film explores the designs and choices behind the rural structures, and how these “country cathedrals” shaped the European settlement and construction of modern America.

Also new to SHELTER in November is A Will for the Woods, a revealing journey into those leaving the world with as little carbon footprint possible. While battling lymphoma; musician, psychiatrist, and folk dancer Clark Wang has discovered a burgeoning movement that uses burial to conserve and restore natural areas, forgoing contemporary funeral practices that operate at the ecosystem’s expense.

An intimate and immersive documentary, follow Clark’s final journey as he and his wife Jane find joy in his music and dance, a connection with his friends and family, and take comfort in the knowledge that his death, whenever it happens, will be a force for regeneration.

Curated from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, United States and South America, SHELTER features more than 200 hours of content, with new content added every month.

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