V-ZUG Combi-Steam Oven

The ultimate in convenience and versatility, our range of Combi-Steam ovens provide a solution for avid chefs and entertainers, as well as reluctant home cooks. A lifestyle solution that offers perfect results through accurate control or unique automated programs.

Our range of exclusive programs will help to make creating your everyday dishes simple. With an incredibly fast heat up time and quick steam creation you will be cooking before you know it. Using Steam for fast and nutritious cooking will deliver perfect results for your vegetables and grains. Combining steam and fan forced heat with Hot Air + Steaming can reduce your cooking time while providing the perfect balance between moisture and browning.

With unique Climate Control System technology to accurately control both temperature and moisture levels, Combi-Steam cooking is incredibly versatile. From roasting and baking to steaming, defrosting and reheating there is almost nothing this luxury appliance can’t do.

There are many advantages to V-ZUG Combi-Steam Cooking. From the simplicity of our unique automated programs to the unrivalled efficiency and endless versatility.