V-ZUG AdoraDish V6000

The AdoraDish range, including the world’s only heat-pump dishwasher, takes water and energy efficiency in dish washing to a new level. Programs that reduce time, water, energy and chemicals are both functional and considerate of the future.

Considered design ensures the Adora dishwashers are flexible when it comes to organising the interior space for an enjoyable user experience.

The AdoraDish range are fully integrated for a seamless design finish and feature our innovative touchscreen control and LED lighting.

Whether getting party dishes clean again in a record-breaking 11 minutes or removing baked-on cheese with the Fondue/Raclette programme, the AdoraDish range offers innovative and intelligent programmes to meet every need.

With patented SteamFinish technology to ensure steam is produced at the end of the drying programme. This condenses on the dishes in the form of distilled water, removing any remaining residues. The result is clearly visible on wine glasses in particular: sparkling clean glass all round instead of dried-on water stains around the rim. The SteamFinish also improves the drying quality on your dishes and is particularly beneficial when washing plastics.

A range of dishwashers that provide performance, innovation and sustainability.

Green Credentials

Featuring a 4.5 star energy rating using just 185kWh per year and w 6 star water rating with a water consumption of just 9.6 litres per wash.

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