AdoraWash V6000

AdoraWash V6000 designed for today and tomorrow.

The AdoraWash V6000 delivers on our commitment to providing lifestyle solutions that also consider the world in which we live. The first in Australia to receive a 5 1/2 star energy rating, with consumption of just 148kWh per year, you can feel confident you have made a considered choice.

With specific programs for almost any fabric type you can think of, caring for your everyday and occasional garments is no longer a chore. Tailor and adjust to suit your needs or use a quick sprint for everyday, all the while knowing you are reducing water and energy consumption. So many reasons to feel good about doing laundry.

When you combine the high level functionality and premium Swiss made attention to detail with the focus on the bigger picture it’s a wise investment in your fabrics and the future.

Green Credentials

Featuring a 5.5 star energy rating with and energy consumption of just 148kWh per year and a 4.5 star water rating using just 69 litres per wash.