Element Fire Pit

The Element Fire Pit designed by Adam Goodrum and made by Tait is a stylish modern fire pit that makes a striking, architectural-inspired statement.

Constructed of three interlocking blades of cantilevered mild steel with a blackened, matte finish and a sculptural profile, Element is a new icon set to enhance any outdoor space and complement your outdoor scenario, even when not in use.

The Element Fire Pit is esteemed by architects and designers alike for its ability to speak to a wide range of residential and commercial contexts. As it is exposed to direct fire, Element will continually mature and its coating weather to give a unique rusted patina.

Carefully considered, Element can be easily disassembled and compactly stored.

The Element Fire Pit affords the assurance of authentic Australian design, genuine local manufacture using sustainable methodologies, quality craftsmanship underscored by a manufacturer guarantee and product longevity.