Designed by Adam Goodrum for Tait, the Scape Island – a modular concrete planter seat – is designed to encourage moments of respite and rumination in an age of social disconnection within the natural environment. Reminiscent of flowing rock formations, the modules allude to the uninhibited nature of rocky landscapes. Used in concert the modules become a work of spatial orchestration, at once a centrepiece of design; connector of space; and conductor of flow. Scape’s earthy tactility and curvaceous profile holds an unspoken magnetic charm that draws people into its orbit and inspires interaction.

Masterfully resolved, myriad states can be created by customising the configuration of the modules. Scenarios can be fine-tuned with the addition of a combination of accessories in Scape’s cache of componentry. Tables, backrests, canopies, planters, and side tables can be added in +1, +2 or +3 arrangements depending on the base module size.

Scape is a reimagining and reinvention of the prevailing outdoor furniture design paradigm, breaking bold new ground in breakout space design.