Iris Chrome 1/2’’ MEA Water ® Device

Fit WaterMark certified Iris under your sink, to your shower, indoor or outdoor taps, on your washing machine, sprinkler, air-conditioner or hot water system to provide life-affirming structured water that is easily taken up by cells to hydrate and heal. Perfect for renters as it is easily installed and removed.

Potential Benefits:

  • Gives water a permanent negative (-mV) charge, like that found in pristine flowing rivers and streams.
  • Eliminates pathogenic microbes (like e. coli) and neutralises toxic compounds.
  • Minimises the growth of moulds and fungi.
  • Reduces the smell and taste of chlorine from urban water supplies.
  • Structured water tastes soft and balanced and improves the taste of tea, coffee and foods cooked with it.
  • People who drink structured water feel more energised and creative.
  • Smaller water clusters increase cell penetration, improving hydration and wetting ability.
  • Removes mineral deposits (eg. Calcite) from water pipes.
  • Increases plant photosynthesis and uptake of nutrients.
  • Increases the nutrient density and storage life of plants and vegetables.
  • Improves the resilience of vegetables and fruit to pest attack.
  • Shortens the growing period to maturity for vegetables and fruit.

Once installed, there is no ongoing maintenance and the device will perform indefinitely.

Featuring WaterMark Certification that gives you peace of mind regarding plumbing safety, water pressure, taste, and toxins, Iris is easily installed by a plumber or handyman/woman.

Purchase two international adapters, one for each end, for use in the US, Canada, Mexico or parts of South America.

Green Credentials

WaterMark Certification