Paarhammer Wood-Alu Range

The energy efficient Wood-Alu range of windows and doors feature the warmth of timber on the inside, and low maintenance aluminium on the outside. Get the best of both worlds with the natural beauty and energy efficiency of timber, with no exterior painting.

With all the standard features including quality design, the highest degree of craftsmanship and German hardware, Paarhammer Wood-Alu products are custom made locally to your specifications. Double or triple glazed with multi-point locking systems, and a variety of glass options and timbers, including FSC certified, are available.

For more information please contact Paarhammer on 1300 655 920.


Green Credentials

Paarhammer windows & doors are double or triple glazed for the highest energy efficiency, and all finishes are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). Paarhammer can also deliver an astonishing noise reduction of up to 45dB - that is some 80-90% over conventional windows. Made in sustainable manufacturing facilities with light, water, and waste management systems.