Ligna Stone Speciality Blocks & Bespoke Sizes

Ligna Stone is created in a range of specialty blocks to provide both a distinctive look and minimise cutting during laying. Depending upon the type of construction, there are sill, half, corner and cored services blocks to complement standard blocks.

Also unique to Ligna Stone is the ability to offer bespoke sizes to meet individual requirements. Low cost plywood moulds are used to manufacture the blocks, allowing custom block sizes and finishes to be produced affordably.

Green Credentials

• Low embodied energy – Manufactured by handcrafted and naturally cured.
• Superior thermal insulation – Over double clay or concrete equivalents.
• Utilises a high level of post-industrial waste – Comprises 50%-70% timber waste depending upon the product and application.
• Operates as a carbon sink – The timber waste permanently locks up carbon dioxide for the life of the product.
• Reduces energy costs - Higher thermal insulation reduces the need for heating and cooling