Bamboo ply is like hardwood in sheet form.

LETObamboo ply and veneer, available in seven styles across thirteen thicknesses and three sheet sizes, for all your project needs.

Bamboo veneer for pressing to a substrate; bamboo ply for joinery projects (cabinets, tables, shelves, counter tops etc), wall and ceiling lining/cladding or shopfitting requirements, signage, jewelry, stationery, lights & lamps, chairs, picture framing, desks, doors…

The list is endless

LETObamboo – Now it’s up to you!

Green Credentials

Lab test results for LETObamboo products indicate exceptionally low VOC and formaldehyde emissions. Tests have been conducted by CETEC Professional Scientific Solutions against:
Green Building Council of Australia Green Star;
Good Environmental Choice Australia and
Ecospecifier Green Tag specifications