Tile, Brick & Stone Streetscape Installation System

The LATICRETE Tile, Brick & Stone Streetscape System is recommended for the installation of ceramic tile, concrete paver and natural stone where an “Extra Heavy Duty” installation is required normally associated with transit ways, roads, footpaths and streetscapes. These systems are particularly suited to roads and areas required to handle heavy vehicular traffic.

Provided that tile or stone are installed in accordance with applicable industry standards and written LATICRETE installation instructions, projects utilising LATICRETE products can qualify for a comprehensive LATICRETE System Warranty.

Green Credentials

- High-strength adhesives providing a high safety factor to resist gravity, wind and seismic movement loads.
- Durable enough to resist deterioration from exposure to sun, freeze/thaw cycling, pollution, ozone, and facade maintenance regimens.
- A waterproofing membrane which reduces transmission of cracks through the facade, eliminating water leakage and reducing efflorescence.
- Flexibility to accommodate movement from thermal shock, moisture expansion and shrinkage drying of substrates.