Edo Wall Lamp

Edo is a sculptural wall sconce in two sizes combining superior technical abilities with pared down forms.

Edo was a period in Japanese history spanning nearly 300 years from 1608 to 1868.  During this prosperous and peaceful period Japanese art and cultural thrived.  Maneki-neko or beckoning cat was also popularised as a lucky symbol and became an inspiration for our design.

Spun in aluminium, Edo in available in a choice of metallic anodised colours and painted monochrome finishes in many combinations.  The light source is cleverly reflected from inside the fitting to provide practical lumen output for many situations.

Edo is a dedicated LED luminaire that can be used indoors and out.  The IP54 rated version is suitable for bathrooms and outdoor environments.  Each version can be configured for dimming or non-dimming depending on your requirements.  The dimmable options can be controlled with either PWM dimming or DALI lighting protocols.

Designed and made in Australia.