ecoGlaze® Retrofit Double Glazing

You don’t have to replace your windows to have all the benefits of double glazing.

ecoGlaze® is a Beautiful System that Converts Your Timber Windows into Double Glazing

ecoGlaze® is a revolutionary secondary glazing system that can be easily applied to your existing windows, and the good news is they’ll still open and close as they did before.

Did you know that glass is an excellent conductor of heat? In summer, an unshaded window will allow heat from outside to transfer into your home, compromising your comfort as you try to keep cool. In the winter, your expensive heating is being lost to the outside, while your heater’s energy consumption delivers unnecessarily high energy bills.

What is ecoGlaze®  Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is the addition of a highest-quality acrylic layer to your existing window sash,  it provides optimal still air space for optimal performance.

ecoMaster‘s own secondary glazing system, ecoGlaze® offers all of the benefits of double glazing at about 1/3 of the cost of high-quality double glazing. Best of all, your windows and doors continue to operate as they did before and the elegant design blends in perfectly with your existing window frames.

There are three models available: fixed, in-sash and on-sash. These options cater for awning windows, double hung (sash) windows, sliding applications and fixed panes of glazing.

The ecoMaster team is highly professional and unusually efficient, and their product has made a tangible difference to the comfort of our house. We are very happy to recommend them to others.   –  PM, North Fitzroy, 2011

Secondary Glazing vs. Double Glazing…

  • ecoGlaze® is more cost effective than replacement double glazing in terms of both materials and installation costs, while achieving the same level of efficiency.
  • ecoGlaze® is far less invasive than having your existing windows replaced which requires the architraves and walls to be ‘made good’ and repainted following installation.
  • ecoGlaze® is more resource efficient, allowing all of the benefits of double glazing without the need to dispose of your existing windows.
  • ecoGlaze® is non-intrusive, allowing sliding and awning windows to continue to operate as normal. The appearance, character and function of the window or door is not compromised.


How does secondary glazing work?

A highest-quality acrylic panel is fitted to the window sash, held in place by a timber moulding and a spacer. These mouldings are fitted with magnets which lock the acrylic layer firmly in place. Mouldings can be painted in a standard or custom colour, or can be stained and varnished to match your existing frames. The entire system can be easily removed, though this is rarely necessary as dust cannot enter between the acrylic and the glazing.

The benefits of secondary glazing…

  • Secondary glazing adds real value to your home
  • ecoGlaze® has been tested by the WERS Testing Laboratory (Windows Energy Rating Scheme)
  • Looks and functions like factory fitted double glazing, visually integrating with your window rather than looking like an add-on
  • Glass-like acrylic panels are virtually unbreakable and come with a 30 year warranty
  • High quality solution that last the lifetime of your home
  • Does not inhibit the operation of your doors and windows
  • Amazingly affordable at about 1/3 of the cost of high quality double glazing
  • Reduces your heating and cooling energy consumption
  • Improves the comfort of your home
  • An environmentally sustainable solution, reducing landfill

Maurice Beinat shows you how to change your existing timber windows into thermally superior double glazing.