Silestone® Seaport

Seaport is a complex grey full of possibilities. It recreates a dark cement colour with a worn charm. It invites you to explore different atmospheres thanks to its hazy white shade which makes it a unique proposition. It is an eccentric colour, with personality, ready to satisfy the most demanding preferences.

It comes as a dark, worn cement inspires this color, with white shades standing out.

Cosentino’s commitment to the environment

Cosentino is committed to sustainability, continuous innovation and anticipating the wants and needs of the market. Taking strong measures to achieve this, Cosentino has developed HybriQ+ technology, which is the result of more than three years of intense research and development, it introduces a new production process, new product composition and new possibilities in design.

The HybriQ+ formula is made with a compound of minerals and reused raw materials, such as recycled glass, and a significant reduction of the presence of crystalline silica. The manufacturing process uses 100 per cent renewable energy and 98 per cent recycled water and reflects Cosentino’s commitment to a circular economy of production. This technology also provides greater safety in the workplace, both in the manufacturing and handling of the product.

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