Breezway Altair® Powerlouvre™ System

Energy efficient Altair Powerlouvre Windows by Breezway are a sleek, elegant solution to window automation. Available in heights up to 2.7metres, the automated award winning Altair Powerlouvre Window can be incorporated into a range of design applications such as high out-of-reach locations or as floor to ceiling feature windows.

When fully open, the Powerlouvre allows up to 90% natural ventilation through the entire window opening which helps keep the building at a comfortable temperature at any time of day or season without the need for artificial climate control.


– Manufactured from non-corrosive materials for years of strength and durability.

– Opens twice as wide as other window types to provide maximum light and ventilation.

– Displaying superior aesthetics, the quiet, low voltage motor is fully concealed within the head of the frame.

– Can be integrated with sophisticated building automation systems to allow automatic responses to climatic conditions.

– The Powerlouvre™ Window is available in Breezway’s Easyscreen™ Window System, Innoscreen® Window System, or in Component Form for installation into timber or commercial framing suites.

– The Apptivate Control Unit can operate Powerlouvre Windows by a touch sensitive wall switch, via the Powerlouvre App or in automatic response to temperature or timer events.

– Delivered to site fully assembled and removes complexity of sourcing special trades to install motors or program the system.

– Energy rated in accordance with WERS.

– Superior wind and water ratings to ensure maximum performance.

– Cyclic, salt spray, extreme temperature, humidity and electromagnetic compatibility testing has been completed.

– Each window is made to order, allowing the widest choice of customising options.

Green Credentials

Altair Louvre Windows are energy rated in accordance with the Window Energy Rating Scheme and more details can be found on the WERS website.