Altair® IGLU® Double Glazed Louvre

Breezway is excited to announce the launch of the new Altair IGLU Double Glazed Louvre.

Natural ventilation is important in any home or working environment. It helps keep the air we breathe clean and fresh whilst maintaining a connection with our outdoor environment. The unique design of the Altair IGLU Double Glazed Louvre is that it opens twice as wide as other window types to offer maximum ventilation whilst improving the thermal insulation of the building when closed, making this product well suited to extreme climate zones.

The System is constructed from robust materials where each Altair IGLU Louvre blade is assembled with two layers of 5mm Low-e toughened glass and a 12mm argon gas filled space.

Breezway Altair IGLU Blades do not have thermally comprising aluminium framing. Instead, the blades are capped top and bottom by rubber blade-to-blade seals, embedded into the IGU sealant. There is a clean ceramic print running the perimeter of each blade to conceal the IGU spacer, while still drawing the eye through to the view outside. The design of the IGLU Blade allows for the internal glazing layer to be retained by the clip, while the outer layer of the glazing finishes flush with the surface of the clip.

The IGLU Clip utilises the Breezway Stronghold System, granting superior blade retention with all the other benefits the Stronghold System offers, like blade lengths up to 1,127mm.

The System has completed extensive testing to prove compliance with the relevant building codes and standards right up to extreme cyclonic conditions. The IGLU System has passed water penetration resistance testing at pressures of up to 450 pascals and 8,000 pascals of ultimate limit state wind pressure. The double glazed blades have also been tested to pass long-term type testing in accordance with AS 4666 which proves the durability and longevity of the insulated glazing unit.

The WERS ratings of the Breezway Altair IGLU Louvre show U-values, the measure of thermal insulation, as low as 2.6 in a timber frame. In the aluminium Easyscreen Window System the U-value is 3.6 which is at the higher performance range of U-values of double glazed awning windows in aluminium frames.

Acoustic test results also show a major improvement on the single glazed Altair Louvre, and the IGLU System has passed physical testing to BAL-40 conditions allowing compliance in bushfire regions using only woven metal mesh screens.

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