Breezway Altair Glass Louvre Windows

With Breezway Altair Louvre Windows you can choose blades that best suit the windows function, such as maximising views, letting in/reducing sunlight, reducing glare, gaining privacy or creating your own design style.

Obscure, grey, green, toughened for extra strength and safety, with a clear low e coating for enhanced energy efficiency, or good old sparkling clear glass. As long as it’s 6mm thick, almost every type of glass can be installed into an Altair Louvre Window.

Variety of benefits

  • Clear glass is best for maximising light and for crisp, clear views.
  • Satina or Satinlite finishes provide privacy and are more commonly used in bathrooms.
  • Tinted glass reduces glare, provides energy control and slows the rate of fading of furniture and furnishings.
  • All finishes are available as annealed or toughened glass (necessary for wet areas where there is a chance of human impact).
  • Low e coatings enhance energy efficiency (low e coatings are microscopically thin coatings, invisible to the naked eye, that improve the insulation of the glass).


Exceptional flatness to resist water & air infiltration

Toughened glass blades are processed in Breezway’s custom designed toughening furnace which produces blades with a flatness tolerance of just 0.35mm per metre. Exceptional flatness ensures excellent sealing and therefore improved wind and water performances.

Can be swapped with other blades

Glass and aluminium blades fit into the sample Breezway Altair Louvre clips. The blades can be changed according to the season. For example, clear glass blades in the winter allow warming sunlight into the home, however swapping these for aluminium louvre blades in the summer can block the hot sunlight and keep the home cool.


Further strength and safety can be achieved by incorporating the Stronghold System into designs without obstructing outdoor views. The Stronghold System mechanically retains glass blades through a pin system and minimises the risk of blades being dislodged by impact. In multi-storey applications, a wintergarden can be created to provide extra living space to soak up the winter sun in a protected spot or take advantage of fresh breezes.

Green Credentials

Altair Louvre Windows are energy rated in accordance with the Window Energy Rating Scheme and more details can be found on the WERS website.