IRON ASH Decking & Screening

IRON ASH Decking & Screening – the perfect material for your outdoor space. It’s durable, beautiful and has a 25 year warranty!

IRON ASH combines the always reliable GOODWOOD Victorian Ash with an invisible, water-based H3 treatment. Which means you can now continue the harmonious flow of Victorian Ash from inside to out. Whether you’re building a new house, renovation or extension, IRON ASH is your answer for your outdoor needs. The fact that the IRON ASH is treated means you can use it around your pool, as a decking material or screening for your home.

If you’re after the stunning IRON ASH in your next project, order it to set length finger jointed of 5.4m or custom sizes on request. If natural Victorian Ash is not quite the colour you’re after, your can paint or stain IRON ASH to almost any colour due to it’s impressive blonde tones. What’s more, it can be easily cut on site for fast installation.

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Green Credentials

We are proudly third party audited for Australian Forest Standard (AFS), the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC), the Environmental Management System ISO14001.