Admonter Wide-Plank Wood Floors

There is nothing more beautiful than the look and feel of natural wood.

Apart from their beautiful design, Admonter Wide-Plank Floors in hardwood, softwood and our just-released Soaped Floors, are also characterised by their stable 3-layer construction, easy installation and size of planks ranging from small to XXLong.

For projects designed with something special in mind, Admonter production take the time to custom finish  a floor to fit the brief.

With a range of 20 different wood types, your choice of surface textures, size and finish, sustainably sourced wood and zero Formaldehyde adhesives, Admonter ensures your wood floor is as natural as Nature intended.

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Green Credentials

Admonter Products are certified with:

PEFC Certificate: We only use timber from sustainable forest cultivation.
IBR Certificate: The Independent Institute for Construction Biology in Rosenheim, Germany, guarantees the harmlessness of our floors in terms of health and environment.
CE Certificate: Guarantees our products meet the European specific norms.