Admonter Natural Wood Panels

Admonter’s Natural Wood Panels are unrivalled on the Australian market when it comes to choice of wood, panel size and finish options.

Made from sustainably sourced timber, Admonter’s Panels come in sizes from 2030mm wide up to 5 meters in length. Offering a range of hard, soft and reclaimed wood, each panel is engineered to provide the ultimate in stability for even the most exacting of projects.

With profile thicknesses ranging from 12mm to 40mm and core options of solid, ply and softwood layers, the possibilities in joinery, cladding, furniture design, or door construction for example, are endless.

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Green Credentials

Admonter's Natural Wood Panels are certified with the European PEFC certifying we only use timber from sustainable forest cultivation.

CE Certificate guaranteeing that Admonter Panels meet with all European product-specific norms.