Monolith at Modern Times

In the modern era, our cities are built with a speed and efficiency unparalleled in any other time. But with the skyscrapers arise questions: how do our cityscapes guide our thoughts and our behaviour? How does the cycle of demolish and rebuild inspire us to be thoughtful in the things we consume and in our own use of materials and resources?

Furniture designer James Howe, stone sculptor Den Holm and ceramicist Ebony Heidenreich join forces to present Monolith, an exhibition which illuminates the qualities we city-builders have possessed for millennia, but stand to lose in our relentless pursuit of efficiency.

Each artist has harnessed their own field of expertise to create a unique table with ties to ancient building traditions. The resulting pieces are a celebration of weight, permanence and the beauty inherent in the fruits of human toil.

Located at Modern Times in Fitzroy. Monolith is presented by James Howe.

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