MINI Portraits: Wolveridge Architects

MINI LIVING – INVERT 3.0 will bring together architects and RMIT architecture students to explore the potential of our laneways. In the lead-up to the exhibition, we’ve asked participating architects to give us a tour of their favourite Melbourne laneway. Watch the video and read the transcript of Qutaibah Al-Atafi from Wolveridge Architects’ tour of an unnamed lane off Northumberland St, Collingwood.

Qutaibah Al-Atafi: Jan Gehl calls this ‘the life in between buildings’ and what I like about it … in Melbourne, obviously, laneways are very synonymous with the city and what it does provide is a kind of a change of pace – so you’ve got the street and you’ve got the square and it’s really busy; one’s got cars, the other one’s full of people but here you can enjoy a quiet moment or two.

What I love about about this laneway is it still bears a lot of the signs of the industrial past of the area. The reason it’s important is because a lot of the impact we’re having on the environment, I feel, [is] symptomatic of a disconnect between human beings and where we source our materials; how we manufacture things. Where do these things go?

Stay tuned for more MINI Portraits. MINI LIVING – INVERT 3.0 will be presented from 13 – 17 November at Rapha Melbourne, 32 Guildford Lane.

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