Loose Leaf Studio transforms disused petrol station with botanical installation

Fossil is the latest botanical installation from Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler, the experimental minds behind Melbourne’s Loose Leaf Studio.

The work saw the duo transform a disused and abandoned Melbourne petrol station using hundreds of giant dried leaves. Fossil asks questions of the past, present and future of forgotten human-made structures as part of the wider, natural world.

“The organic textures featured in this work reference the transformation of environments as they have adapted and evolved over time, particularly in the face of rapid urbanisation,” explain Wona and Charlie of Fossil. “The sculpture’s natural form emerges from the ground-up where the fuel pumps once stood, immersing the space before it.”

The ephemeral installation was assembled, photographed and disassembled over a weekend, but its message resonates far beyond its physical existence. “Fossil isolates nature from its context, highlighting the interaction between natural systems and the built environment,” they elaborate.

Fossil continues Loose Leaf Studio’s exploration of the importance of the human-nature relationship – without shying away from reminding us of what human development leaves in its wake.


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