Green magazine is delighted to announce that INVERT 2.0 MINI LIVING – BUILT BY ALL is officially open to the public. The exhibition – developed in collaboration with MINI LIVING and with support from the City of Melbourne and RMIT – is ready to welcome visitors on location at the 2014 MPavilion in the gardens of the Hellenic Museum at 280 William St, Melbourne.

Earlier this year, a brief was issued to selected architects and RMIT students: to reimagine a city block beside the Queen Victoria Market as a hypothetical urban village containing residential, community, commercial and green spaces.

The architects submitted their responses in the form of hand drawings that are now enlarged, hung and displayed in the exhibition space. Also on display are three highly detailed and thought-provoking 1:50 scale models created by RMIT Masters of Architecture and Masters of Landscape Architecture students.

Green magazine is honoured to showcase the talent and artistry of both architects and students which combine to challenge existing and invent new forms of multi-res living.

To further delve inside the designs, a talk series will be held 22 – 25 October at the exhibition space. Find the full speaker program and booking information listed here.

INVERT 2.0 MINI LIVING – BUILT BY ALL is open October 17 – 26 from 10am – 4pm each day at 280 William St, Melbourne, VIC 3000.

Editor of green magazine, Tamsin O’Neill is pleased to see the exhibition come to fruition. “We are delighted by the response and effort from both architects and RMIT students. The ideas generated through collaboration are both clever and visionary.”

View the launch night video here.



MINI LIVING is an initiative first launched by MINI in 2016 with the aim of devising creative architectural solutions for the urban lifestyles of the future. At this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan (17 – 22 April), MINI joined forces with London-based architects Studiomama to present MINI LIVING – BUILT BY ALL. This new installation reveals a visionary living concept brought to life in a close collaboration between residents and architects. A surface area of just a few square metres was used to create very personal and attractive spaces, reflecting MINI’s core principle of the “creative use of space”.

BUILT BY ALL was the third installation presented by MINI at Milan Design Week to highlight aspects of MINI LIVING. MINI LIVING had already exhibited visionary concepts for shared and collaborative living/working in our cities in Milan over recent years with its MINI LIVING – BREATHE and MINI LIVING – Do Disturb installations. The first habitable MINI LIVING project will open its doors in Shanghai in 2019. Here, an innovative space-related concept for living and working is taking shape in converted industrial buildings on a surface area of just under 8000 square metres.

INVERT 2.0 MINI LIVING – BUILT BY ALL is the second MINI LIVING x green magazine installation to be presented in Melbourne. Last year, the inaugural installation focused on the importance of sustainable, small-scale architecture and was met with much success and interest from both the design community and the general public.

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