WoodSolutions EPDs

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While EPDs are typically supplier specific, WoodSolutions hosts a library of free, generic timber EPDs produced in partnership with Australia’s timber industry.

WoodSolutions Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are a standardised and verified way of quantifying the environmental impacts of a product based on a consistent set of rules that have been developed through an extensive stakeholder consultation process. These impacts are based on the product’s consumption of raw materials and energy, waste generation, and emissions to air, soil and water over its full life cycle. An EPD includes a carbon footprint alongside other environmental indicators. A material’s EPD provides metrics which measure the environmental impact of a product’s production (cradle to gate) and sometimes beyond.

WoodSolutions Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) Include:

How can you use WoodSolutions Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) in environmental ratings systems and tender documents?

EPDs may be used by project teams to obtain Green Star points using the Design & As Built and Interiors rating tools under the following credits:

  • Materials > Product Transparency and Sustainability: As an industry-wide EPD
  • Materials > Life Cycle Assessment: By providing data for an EN 15978 compliant whole-of-building whole-of-life assessment
  • Innovation Challenge > Responsible Carbon Impact: By providing embodied carbon impacts (i.e., data on Global Warming Potential) which can be used in the calculation and reduction of the total embodied carbon impacts of a project.


The EPDs are also recognised for credits in the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA). EPDs are also being required in increasing numbers of tender documents.


Click here to download free WoodSolutions EPDs now.