Immersive experience ‘DAYDREAM’ coming to Melbourne Design Week

An artist, furniture designer and architecture practice are coming together to create an immersive experience titled ‘DAYDREAM’ for Melbourne Design Week 2020.

Yan Huang, Danielle Storm and Technē Architecture + Interior Design are bringing their diverse expertise together as they create a pop-up sensory installation that entwines nature with design.

DAYDREAM marks the first time the trio will be collaborating and will see the workshop part of Technē’s studio converted into a labyrinth featuring customdesign and engaging elements such as water, fog, plants, fragrances and light.

Technē director Nick Travers is excited that the collaboration will bring a unique and unexpected event to Melbourne Design Week.

“Design Week is a great opportunity for members of the local community to collaborate and we have opted to create a surprising experience rather than focus purely on product design.

“The installation is peaceful and centres on design’s compelling relationship with the natural environment – a combination that has a positive impact on our wellbeing and allows us to have a temporary escape from the challenges of everyday life.

“We want visitors to feel immersed in a multi-faceted space that uses all the senses where the power of design ultimately shines through,” says Travers.

Huang, whose work has previously been acquired by the NGV, is a former designer of car interiors – a connection with Technē’s portfolio which includes car showrooms.

“With automotive design, it’s very much about making people feel good within a relatively small space, so the little things become extremely important.

“DAYDREAM shows how design can enhance our environment, wherever that may be, using each of our different perspectives.

“We are experimenting with visuals, sound, materiality and relative spaces with nature at the core. It’s somewhat of a jungle in the city,” says Huang.

The installation is also highly sustainable featuring recycled cardboard and other reclaimed products such as the films from recycled television sets.

Storm says that they have created something wondrous that challenges our understanding of indoors, outdoors and dreams.

“DAYDREAM is a fantastical installation that aims to inspire awe and wonder.

“Reality itself is a plaything, DAYDREAM is a wild reimagining of spatial experience as a fracture in the fabric of normality, offering a glimpse into someplace the rules don’t apply,” she says.

DAYDREAM is a free pop-up installation open from 20-22 March at 1 Elliott Place, Carlton (rear of 29-31 Rathdowne Street).

Additional collaborators are Ayus Botanical and Light Project.

Melbourne Design Week is an initiative of the Victorian Government presented the National Gallery of Victoria.


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