Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert opens in Sydney

In August 2019, a new art and design gallery opens in Sydney – the first of its type in Australia. Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert exhibits a unique collection of limited edition or one-off collectable design pieces from Australian and New Zealand designers (living locally or abroad) exhibited alongside artworks by some of the country’s leading visual artists.

Sally Dan-Cuthbert is a Sydney art consultant with a prominent list of private and corporate collectors as her clients. After more than 30 years working in fine art, Sally has shifted her focus to include functional art and contemporary design.

Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert will curate and exhibit solo and mixed shows by emerging, mid-career and senior artists and designers, and demonstrate the importance of living with art and design together.

The gallery is located in Rushcutters Bay, nested between the Paddington and Potts Point Gallery precincts. Importantly, the space was chosen for its light and aspect. It’s neither a contemporary white box nor warehouse. The gallery employs clean lines and a minimalistic approach to presentation, occupying a purpose built exhibition and working space, bringing together both natural and architectural elements.

“Most of us do not live or work in white boxes, so to fully appreciate art and objects, all pieces need to complement each other. It’s a delicate balance and a carefully choreographed dance that needs to unfold between all the elements in a room. It’s the curating of multiple layers of artworks that gives rise to the greatest emotional response”.

The gallery’s first exhibition – which runs from the 8th August 2019 until the 22nd of September, is a group exhibition of 29 artists, including works by designers such as Rive Roshan, Trent Jansen, Michael Gittings and Darren Fry, and visual artists such as Lisa Reihana, Marion Borgelt, Jacky Redgate, Sally Smart and Makiko Ryujin.

“I really want to show the excellence of Australian and New Zealand collectable design/ functional art and how good our artists in this country are.”

Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert will be an important platform for the support, collection and commissioning of art and design in Australia.

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