From The Side

Duncan Meerding, a 27 year old Designer will be launching a range of products at his first solo show since early 2010. The show entitled ‘From the Side’ will be opened on Thursday April 17 at 5.30pm at the Sidespace Gallery at the Salamanca Arts Centre – Hobart.

The name ‘From the Side’ is taken from the location but also the influence light from the side can have on our mood when we walk into a room. AS well as these two reasons, the exhibition lends its name to Duncan’s visual fields which are concentrated around the side. This vision of light emanating from the peripheries and the highly tactile nature of Duncan’s work high-lights the alternative sensory world in which he designs – being legally blind.

The exhibition will launch a range of new Designs in the Cracked Log Light Range.

One of the new larger iterations in the series is called ‘Stump’ and there are two new variations in the range. The Stump W which is ready to wire indoor or outside to 12volt power and the Stump B which is battery powered. Developing on the original Cracked Log Lamp, Duncan has almost doubled the size of the Stump designs (making them 400mm high and 300mm wide approximately) and made them possible to weight bear as a table or stool.

AS well as this the Cracked Log Pendant Light will be showcased and will be the same size as the shade on the original lamp, being approximately 230mm high and 180 mm wide. The development of these 3 new Designs in the Cracked Log Light series showcases the continued interest that there is in these unique objects. The Designs are influenced by what is often associated with waste wood and embraces the cracks and makes them a feature in the Design. The warm yello light emanating from the cracks high-lights the alternative fiery fate much of the salvaged wood would have met.

This continued interest in sustainability is reflected in Meerding receiving the Green Award for Best Sustainable Design at ‘The Edge 2014. The prototype of the stump lamp won the award not just for its re use of salvaged materials but also the low energy consuming LED light source. This source adds to the designs over all aesthetic pushing multiple shards of light from each LED through the different fissures in the Stump.

From the Side will be opened on Thursday April 17 at 5.30pm at the Sidespace Gallery at the Salamanca Arts Centre. The exhibition will runn daily from then till April 26 from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

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