Designed for All

INVERT 2.0 MINI LIVING – BUILT BY ALL was an exhibition developed by green magazine and MINI LIVING, in collaboration with the City of Melbourne and the RMIT School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

The aim of this project was to explore varying approaches to multi-res living through a brief to architects and RMIT students to reimagine a city block beside the Queen Victoria Market as a hypothetical urban village.

Architects shared their vision for the site through hand drawings, which were displayed alongside 1:50 scale models designed by RMIT students at the 2014 MPavilion on the grounds of the Hellenic Museum in Melbourne’s CBD.

One of the architects involved, Qutaibah Al-Atafi of Wolveridge Architects, reflects on the creative process: “Perhaps the most enjoyable part was allowing ourselves to speculate on the social, historic and environmental possibilities and considerations. The project response was very much a result of an office-wide brainstorming exercise.”


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