A Lesson for All

InsideOut is a non-profit school prototype that was built in Yeboahkrom, a rural village in Ghana after winds had destroyed the only school in the area. Italian designers Andrea Tabocchini and Francesca Vittorini sought to offer an alternative to typical classroom structures that was both affordable and easy to replicate.

Using a budget of €12 000, the multi award-winning project was built in 60 days and brought together the local population and volunteers from no fewer than 20 different countries. The school is a testament to the strength and potential of the human spirit; no electricity was available and the structure was built by hand using materials available on-site. In an impressive feat, 58 000 kilograms of soil were moved by hand.

The characteristics of the site presented a unique opportunity to hero sustainable design through a union of architecture and landscape. For example, the staggered walls of the classrooms are built by compacting local earth and a light wood structure lifts the roof. This invites zenithal light into the building and creates natural ventilation. Garden vegetation acts as the continuation of the porches.

A triumph of social design, the InsideOut school represents an inspired solution to environmental challenges – truly, a lesson for all.


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