MINI Portraits: Field Design Studio

MINI LIVING – INVERT 3.0 will bring together architects and RMIT architecture students to explore the potential of our laneways. In the lead-up to the exhibition, we’ve asked participating architects to give us a tour of their favourite Melbourne laneway. Watch the video and read the transcript of Kristine Sommerfeld and Rachel Eastwood from Field Design Studio’s tour of Drewery Lane, Melbourne CBD.

Kristine Sommerfeld: What do we like about this lane, Rach?

Rachel Eastwood: I think the trees are great; the light.

Kristine: The light is beautiful. The lovely memorial on the back of Legacy House …

Rachel: Yeah, that’s awesome. They’re like an ANZAC memorial and all the wives and kids and relatives [of soldiers made it] …

Kristine: … And in the midst is a Space Invaders … mosaic, for some reason. And there’s lots of great street art down this laneway.

Rachel: And an awesome coffee shop. But it’s the intimacy of the laneway, isn’t it?

Kristine: … It’s quiet, so you’re off the main drag. People just hanging around, having a coffee. It’s cool.

Rachel: And there [are] still low-rise buildings so you get the really nice shafts of light.

Kristine: And there’s that lovely church at the end – makes a nice little vista at the end. It’s just a real little pocket of history of the city.

Rachel: Well, I think it’s iconically Melbourne, isn’t it?

Stay tuned for more MINI Portraits. MINI LIVING – INVERT 3.0 will be presented from 13 – 17 November at Rapha Melbourne, 32 Guildford Lane.

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