The New Joneses’ Tiny House pop-up

Come see Australia’s (potentially) tiniest digs, when The New Joneses’ Tiny House pops-up at Fed Square, Feb 11-25.

Free and open to the public, step inside the tiny house and see how our everyday choices, from our energy company to our bank, can change the world.

Aussies have the biggest homes in the world, with the average block being 447-square-metres, yet The New Joneses’ Tiny House measures just 12.5-square-metres.

Whilst Tiny Houses might not be for everyone, the tiny mortgage makes this unconventional route into the housing market a very attractive option.

Reflecting the trend of swapping space with simplicity, and size for affordability, The New Joneses’ Tiny House encourages us to fill our lives, not our homes.

At Fed Square in February, The New Joneses tiny house will sleep four large men. “While ‘grind’ and ‘hardcore punk’ aren’t words usually associated with low impact lifestyles,” laughs Wayne Slattery, of awarded metal-band, King Parrot, “the band will sleep in The New Joneses’ Tiny House, showing a big life with a little footprint can be for anyone.”

The New Joneses pop-up lifestyle project, showcases people and planet friendly businesses and organisations, including; Sustainability Victoria, Momentum Energy, BMW, Fairtrade, Bank Australia, The Sociable Weaver, Q Cells, Earth Choice, Organic Care, Trumpet, Fed Square and The Comfort Shop, all promoting healthy, high-happiness, low-impact lifestyles.

Free and open 12 noon-6pm weekdays; 12 noon-4pm weekends, Feb 11-25, The New Joneses is a feature of Sustainable Living Festival.

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