The Glenn Murcutt International Master Class 2018 Student Competition

The Glenn Murcutt International Master Class is an innovative two-week design studio program held in September that has become a major annual event on the global architecture calendar.

Started in 2001 by The Architecture Foundation Australia, architects and senior students from more than 80 countries have since made the journey to Australian shores to participate in the program and be mentored by Australia’s leading architects Glenn Murcutt, Peter Stutchbury, Richard Leplastrier, Brit Andresen and Lindsay Johnston.

This year, Eco Outdoor is sponsoring an architecture student to attend the second week as an intern, working alongside international architects and tutored by Glenn Murcutt himself.

About the Master Class

The first week of the two-week program is held at ‘Riversdale’, the Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Education Centre on the stunning Shoalhaven River south of Sydney. Participants live and breathe in what has been described as Glenn’s ‘master work’, spend time in the company of Glenn himself and experience private tours of some of his most distinguished projects.

For the second week of the Master Class, the Eco Outdoor Waterloo showroom is transformed into a hive of architectural innovation and inspiration, as participants undertake a design project, with Glenn personally running the rule over the class.

The Master Class concludes at the end of the week with presentations of the design projects by the participants and a critique by Australia’s foremost architects.

Eco Outdoor has long been proud to support up and coming Australian architectural talent and, last year, ran a competition in which two final-year Architecture students were given the opportunity to attend a presentation at the Master Class and meet the participants and tutors including Glenn Murcutt.

The competition resulted in such positive feedback that Eco Outdoor have decided to offer an architectural student an intern role for the entire second week of the 2018 Master Class, working alongside participants to complete a design project.

2018 Student Competition

The competition is open to students currently participating in the Architectural Master’s degree in Australia. The winning student will be offered a place as an intern during the second week of the Master Class.

The intern role will see the student assigned to a team of Master Class participants and working alongside them to complete their final project by assisting with drawings, the sourcing of materials and making of models.

Eco Outdoor will cover the cost of the student’s domestic flights, airport transfers, accommodation and meals; a total value of $3000.

Students must enter their name, student email and student ID and the winner will be selected at random.

The winning student will be required on-site at Eco Outdoor Waterloo (7 Danks Street Waterloo) from Monday 24 September until Friday 28 September between 10:00am and 10:00pm each day and will also be invited to attend the final night dinner and drinks (Friday 28) as well as a BBQ on Sunday 30 September, however these are optional.

The tutors

The Master Class tutors include Peter Stutchbury, Richard Leplastriar, Lindsay Johnston, Brit Andresen and founder of the class, Glenn Murcutt. The student intern will have the opportunity to meet and receive critiquing from them as part of their role as student intern as well as hear them present throughout the week, learning about their approach to design.

How to be involved


  • Place a link to the Eco Outdoor website on the university website
  • Send an EDM to students promoting the competition
  • Place competition poster/detail on faculty board


  • Currently undertaking their Masters of Architecture at an Australian University
  • Complete a competition entry form between 1 August 2018 and 31 August 2018
  • Entry form link:

Note: To be eligible to win, the University must have actioned the three points as listed above.

About Eco Outdoor

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We service architects, designers and builders and we see the product specification process as a collaborative one. We also understand the importance of technical support as part of the specification process. As part of our commitment to working with specifiers, we’ve extensively tested our core product ranges for slip resistance, flexural strength, resistance to salt attack, absorption, density and we will only work with products which can be reliably and consistently supplied.

Eco Outdoor has six showrooms across Australia and one in Beverly Hills, California.

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