The Circle Awards winners announced

Tonight, the winners of The Circle Awards have been announced. These awards are the results of hours of meticulous judging from Australia’s leading voices within the circular economy. After reviewing nearly 200 entries, an assortment of winners have been chosen by the expert panel as the best organisations, businesses, or individuals paving the way for a more sustainable future.

With organisation Good360 – preventing brand new products from going into landfill and instead, redirecting them to those who need them the most – taking out the top award, the Judges’ Choice.

Nick Hoskin, Creator of The Circle Awards said, “The businesses and organisations that will thrive in the future are those that have a net positive impact. These winners are a new breed of company, they’re the pioneers of today leading the way to a more positive tomorrow for everyone. Finding innovative ways to demonstrate that it’s possible to not only do less bad, but to actually do more good by kicking the traditional linear take-make-waste model to the curb and instead, adopting circular practices to design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate natural systems.

“On a planet of finite resources, it’s the only model we have to continue to grow our economy, and shift to a truly sustainable future.”

“Many people and brands are already contributing towards a more circular world with their wallets, often without realising it. The judging panel has been blown away by the quality of entries into the awards and being able to spotlight these fantastic products and services – which makes it easier for shoppers to discover the conscious brands of the future and help make the world go round.”

The winners, separated by each category, are as follows:

● Architecture & Construction: Pavilion Residences

● Art & Design: Voronoi Runners

● B2B: RePlated

● Community, Education & Research: Good360

● Events: Bettercup

● Fashion: The Very Good Bra

● Food & Drink: Ulu Hye Mylk Bases

● Health & Beauty: The Hello Cup

● Home, Garden & Utilities: Great Wrap

● Lifestyle & Technology: Ettitude

● Materials & Process: Woolpack

● Judges Choice: Good360

● People’s Choice: The Swag

● One To Watch: Fungi Solutions

● Shape Shifter: Danling Xiao

What the judges said about the entries:

Berry Liberman, Founder of Small Giants said, “I love Great Wrap. I think it’s a brilliant innovation and solves a massive problem around the use of traditional plastic wrap from domestic through to industrial applications. Mainstream convenience products that are circular by design are key to mitigating the immeasurable damage currently being wrought by business-as-usual. These two legends from the Mornington Peninsula saw a gnarly, ugly problem and solved it.”

Brandon Gien, Good Design, said “[Voronoi Runners] is a standout example of circular design. The shoes are made from 100 per cent biodegradable materials and have been cleverly designed so that no adhesives are used during the construction process. High design appeal in a sector that contributes to large amounts of waste.”

Established by The World’s Most Rubbish (TWMR) in partnership with NSW Circular, The Bravery, and Urban List, The Circle Awards celebrates and unites the businesses, organisations, projects and people shaping the circular economy in Australia and New Zealand.

The panel of expert judges include: Hemant Chaudhary, Circular Economy Alliance Australia | Dean Foley, Baramayal | Damon Gameau, 2040 | John Gertsakis, Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence | Dr Brandon Gien, Good Design Australia | Jason Graham-Nye, gDiapers | James Griffin, Sustainable Business Network NZ | Sally Hill, Purpose Conference | Nick Hoskin, The World’s Most Rubbish | Bruce Jeffreys, GoGet | Leanne Kemp, Everledger | Cat Kiv, Simpleish Living | Berry Liberman, Small Giants | Claire Maloney, The Bravery | Councillor Jess Miller, City of Sydney | Kate Nelson, Plastic Free Mermaid | Morgan Reardon, Urban:List | Camille Reed, Australian Circular Textile Association | Anna Ross, Kester Black | Dr Kar Mei Tang, NSW Circular | Peter Tullin, REMIX Summits | Tamara Veltre, Breathe Architecture | Jen Walker, Terracycle | Andy Walsh, Secret Sounds.

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