Winner Announced! Tapestry Design Prize for Architects 2023

Congratulations Beth George & Emerald Wise (AUS), winners of the $10,000 Tapestry Design Prize for Architects 2023.

The Tapestry Design Prize for Architects is a unique international $10,000 award that encourages innovation and visionary thinking by challenging architects to design contemporary tapestries.


Beth George & Emerald Wise (AUS) ‘Solstice’

Solstice reflects the commingling of independent parts, with separation and union, and with the passage of time. It echoes the ever sharper need to consider ecology and connectedness in the Anthropocene, and with the spatial and emotional tensions entailed by the pandemic: we weathered it together, as together as you could be, and since have been separate.


Highly Commended

The design of Mezcla blends and blurs imagery from within the valley to afar in an attempt to describe the sheer expansive depths of the Bundanon landscape; dappled light and the fogged atmosphere that blurs all definition between the composition of these elements that define the Bundanon landscape; blurred edges and undefined lines.


People’s Choice Award Winner

The Fox and The Lyrebird depicts a constructed narrative of the Bundanon region. Having never visited this landscape, all that can be done to understand its beauty and fragility is immerse ourselves in its context, environment and history of place. The Fox and The Lyrebird is reminiscent of the ancient tapestries which depicted mythological landscapes based upon legends from across the seas to captivate the viewer who may never see the scene first-hand.


2023 Finalists

Mezcla designed by 3RDRM | Glenn Russell (AUS)
Counterpoint designed by Adjacency Studio (AUS)
Solstice designed by Beth George & Emerald Wise (AUS)
Bundanon Tapestry designed by Heliotope (AUS)
Old Growth Fire designed by Ellen Kwek (AUS)
Under the milky way tonight… designed by Multiplicity (AUS)
Traces designed by Malin Parkegren (SWE)
Once Upon A Time designed by Studio Orsi | Jamileh Jahangiri (AUS)
The Fox & the Lyrebird designed by Tasmin Vivian – Williams & Tonielle Dempers (AUS)
Fata Morgana designed by Yiling Shen & Yuchen Gao (AUS)


Exhibition of Finalists

Tuesday 22 August – Thursday 28 September 2023
Australian Tapestry Workshop
262–266 Park Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205 Australia


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