Spoon carving workshop with Carol Russell

As a woodcrafter of tableware, Carol Russell has been moved by the characteristics of the hydrowood timber salvaged from the cold depths of Lake Pieman.

Tasmanian-born, she is conscious of the history between the forests and the Hydro Electric Commission. The battle for control of the region of the Pieman River still looms large in the state’s memory and the ancient trees standing in the misty waters of the lake serve as sentinel reminders.

The properties of the timber being salvaged from its depths have an almost mystical quality, and to work with them is a unique experience. The beauty of these indigenous species such as Tasmanian blackwood, celery top pine, blackheart sassafras, and huon pine has been enhanced by their time beneath the surface.

This is a rare opportunity to work with Carol, crafting spoons from hydrowood timber. This event is in conjunction with Lost and Found, an exhibition showcasing some of Australia’s finest makers and their interpretation of this unique material.

The workshop will be held in the beautiful Gary Cleveland Galleries at Design Tasmania.

Carving spoons is a great way to discover the beauty of wood and the satisfaction of using quality tools. A hand-carved spoon can be as imaginative as you want it to be; the secret is to let the features of the wood determine the design.

Carol will cover basic carving techniques as well as design, timber characteristics, and tool sharpening. You will take at least one hand carved spoon home with you.

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