Slow Food at Expo Milano 2015

A pavilion has been designed by Herzog & Meuron to house Slow Food at Expo Milano 2015. Next to the Mediterranean Hill planted with figs, citrus and olives, the space covers a 3,300-square-meter triangle.

The pavilion has been designed to encourage visitors to discover the significance of agricultural and food biodiversity, to explore the variety of the products that are protagonists of biodiversity, and to become aware of the need of adopting new consumption habits.

According to Herzog and Meuron’s design statement they “designed three shacks, archaic, almost primitive wood structures that define the triangular space of an interior courtyard or market place. These shacks are long and slender buildings remindful of the Lombardian farm house the ‘Cascina’. After the Expo they will be dismounted and reassembled as garden sheds in school gardens all over Italy mentored by Slow Food with their initiative ‘Orto in condotta’ as the principal national scholastic program for alimentary and environmental education.”

“Our architectural and curatorial proposal is based on a simple layout on tables which creates an atmosphere of refectory and market. People can watch visual statements and read key texts about different consumption habits and their consequences for our planet, they can meet and discuss with exponents of sustainable agriculture and local food production to learn about alternative approaches, and they can smell and taste the richness of agricultural and food biodiversity.”

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